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Real Estate consulting is our core business at Development Professionals. We identify project challenges and pursue results through targeted relationship building stages: Client Relations, Consultant Relations, City Relations, and Tenant Relations. Through this focused team building strategy, we strive to attain quality results with maximum efficiency.

Client Relations – As architects and builders, we are professionally trained to understand how to service our client's aesthetic vision while executing the critical objectives required to control budgets and time constraints. Effective communication earns the trust of our client's through all aspects of project development.

Consultant Relations – As industry professionals, we maintain clear expectations of our consultant’s and builders in terms of their capabilities and effectiveness.  We clearly communicate and manage time and cost required to perform tasks, we supervise the quality of third party work and we consistently obtain competitive material pricing affected by fluctuating economic conditions.

City Relations – As municipal codes become increasing complex, jurisdictions are challenged to provide timely approvals which translate into larger developer finance fees and potential long term exposure to market conditions.  We strive to understand the unique procedures inherent in each city code in an effort to expedite the process and limit the financial risk necessary to obtain entitlement approvals. By maintaining effective working relationships with city staff members, we promote fairness through the entitlement process to benefit the long term interest of all parties.

Tenant Relations – Each lease brings a tenant with varying levels of sophistication and experience. We manage each tenant individually to ensure the understanding of the tenant's lease obligations and opening timelines which enhances their opportunity for success while commencing vital income streams for our clients.  For further information, see our fully integrated services available in Tenant Coordination.