Clear Services

Financial Resources

Lenders, Investors and Developers depend on complete and accurate analysis to determine risk and forecast opportunity in each real estate investment. Development Professionals analyze economic, legal and physical risk, while persistently seeking solutions to create new opportunity. Through integrated legal, financial and physical property analysis, we provide our clients with cohesive documentation thoroughly detailing the potential opportunity that exists within each real estate asset.

Our professional services include demographic analysis, feasibility of the property limitations, including zoning, city obligations, property easements, tax assessments, site analysis, engineering requirements, documentation of city codes and fees, analysis of tenant financial viability and performance, and verification of current and projected tenant income streams. Whether we are analyzing existing income producing assets or proposed development opportunities, we provide our clients with complete and accurate diligence necessary to reveal the financial viability of a potential investment.

In addition to the resources detailed above, REDP has access to a significant pool of capital to invest in select projects. REDP has a mandate from its investors to pursue real estate investment opportunities with strong risk adjusted returns. Our investors are opportunistic across all real estate products and geographies and require projects with 1) distinct competitive cost advantage; 2) unique market positions; 3)  strong cash flows potential; and 4) clearly defined exit strategies.